Spoken English

Spoken English for Kids

Online Spoken English with IPA pronunciation for kids under the age of 8 years.

We fix their spelling by teaching them different families of words

Parents get worried when they hear their little ones use English in an awkward way. Schools at an initial period are so liberal with the new comers. Whereas they, all on a sudden, become very strict with them in speaking English. The students are scolded, fined or punished if they don’t talk English. This will cause them speak English without any sense and later it gets cemented in their mind. Yet another reason may be a poor attention and bad nurturing of a teacher. We, at Temz, identify this issue and train them in a holistic way. We correct their English, teach them phonetic scripts and their sounds as to correct their pronunciation. Spelling is another worry of parents. We fix the image of a word in child’s mind with its proper spelling by showing them different families of words different in their spelling. At an early age, we fix their English before getting it corrupted by other influences. We insist them to have a good handwriting too.

There are classes twice a week and it is for one hour. 

What we do : 

  • Discuss the significance of developing strong spoken English skills from a young age
  • Highlight how effective communication enhances confidence, social skills, and academic performance
  • Emphasise the long-term benefits of mastering spoken English for future opportunities and success.

Our Innovative Teaching Methodology:

  • Introduce our creative and child-friendly teaching approach designed to make learning English enjoyable
  • Incorporate storytelling, games, songs, and interactive activities to engage children in the learning process.
  • Foster a supportive and encouraging environment that nurtures children’s language development and boosts their self-esteem. 

Curriculum Overview:

  • Provide an overview of our comprehensive curriculum tailored for kids of different age groups and proficiency levels
  • Covering essential language skills such as vocabulary building, pronunciation, sentence formation, and conversational fluency
  • Structured lessons that focus on practical communication  to help children apply their language skills in real-life situations

Experienced instructors:

    • Highlight their expertise in creating dynamic and engaging lessons that cater to the unique learning needs of young learners
    • Commitment to providing individualised attention and support to help each child reach their full potential in spoken English.