Parts of Speech

English language, for some, is a hard nut to break. They speculate that its grammar is very hard to understand. When they speak Engllish they apprehend that they might make grammatical errors. Consequently they shy away whenever they get a situation to talk. Fear of grammar is the impediment to talk English. How can you get rid off your fear? The simplest method to avoid any fear is to KNOW what it is. English grammar is not at all an indomtable subject to study. It is as simple as it is explained in this video. When your vehicle has some missings you take to the mechanic and he seperates it into parts to diagnoze it. When he finds the falt he repairs it and put together. Same way when you seperate English grammar, there are only eight parts for it. Try to KNOW more about it seperatley. English will become submissive to you and you will get rid off the fear of it.

Manglish Vs English

Grammar Nazis video

Grammar Nazi is a person who habitually corrects or criticizes the language usage of others. Nazi is a figure of speech for Authoritarian.

 The officer in this video tries to correct grammatical errors of double negatives, incorrect pronoun usage, ending a sentence with a preposition, run-on sentences, subject-verb agreement, who vs. whom, comma uses in a list, and the dangling participle. Nazi is so uncompromising that he kills himself for his own mistake.

This ironically created video is a veiled attack on people who are rigid with English grammar.

Easy English

To attract candidates, some coaching centers falsely state that grammar is not at all important to speak English. They brand it as ‘Easy English’. It may be true. There are people who learn to speak by hearing. However you should know that it is also nicknamed as ‘Butlers’ English’.

For a person who does an ordinary or unprofessional work, this English is quite enough. However for a person who is a professional, this English will be of no use.

 I would highly recommend that they attend a Spoken English course to know how to speak in English or write in English.

Is Grammar important?

Yes indeed. It is very important. When you aspire for a better opportunity, a polished language is always expected from you. If you observe the top officials in an organization you will know how perfect they are in using English language.

Language matters a lot for your professional growth.

 A good company will never accommodate a staff with an awkward language. No corporate company will like to cheapen their face in front of public by absorbing staff of inferior level. A job in a corporate company always demands a good communication skill in English.

Job Market

There are a lot of brilliant people who are professionals in various streams in the job market. However it is sad to know that they are badly nurtured or less fortunate to learn English in a good school. A lack of command over English becomes a formidable obstacle for a good job.

Elite group

Let’s imagine that one could obtain a lucrative job because of his expertise; he will be counted among an elite group of people. If one doesn’t have a polished language he will be like a fish out of water.

How to find a remedy?

There are a lot of intelligent people with great competence but suffer such inferiority complex just because they studied in so called ‘state syllabus’. A humble advice to them is that they join a Spoken English Course where they can improve writing skill and speaking skill in English. I also highly recommend that they do an IELTS preparation course which will help them to pass not only IELTS with good grade but also obtain a strong foundation in English.