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About Temz

Temz is both an offline and online (direct – in person) Spoken English Coaching centre.  People from all walks of life come in search of the Best spoken English.

We teach both in English and Malayalam.

Today with the evolution of information technology the world has been reduced to a village where people meet each other for work, trade and entertainment. The language or the mother tongue of this village has obviously become English. Spoken English is inevitable to live in this world. If you dont have a command over English you will be sidelined from the main stream. Many talented people lose their opportunities just because they are weak in English. So to survive in this world English is indispensable.

To satisfy this vast requirement Temz English started its service in imparting knowledge in best spoken English in the year 2012. Since then people from all walks of life have been approaching us to learn English particularly Spoken English.

Students of all levels, adults like graduates, post graduates, nurses, teachers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, Marketing and hospitality professionals, accountants, drivers, guides, homemakers find resort in Temz English to better their English. Candidates who aspire to do IELTS, OET or any test of that kind come to Temz to do the foundation course in English that they come out with a higher score in the first chance itself.  

English is not that easy as they say. As for every language English too has its grammar. Unless you know the English Grammar you won’t be able to write it or use it in the circle of a serious group. A deep knowledge in English Grammar makes one confident. Or you will be uncertain or waver when you use the language.

At Temz we have framed a simple and systematic method to master English particularly in writing and speaking. We give individual attention according to ones level. We tailor your class according to your requirements and purposes. We also incorporate personality development skills, job interview training and public speaking skills in our course.

We Assist You To Study Abroad

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