Spoken English for adults


Though adults have qualifications in various streams, it is a fact that most of them find it difficult to communicate properly in English both in writing and speaking. Most of the corporate companies have usually three levels of interviews. One is of course to test their technical knowledge and experience. The second one is in HR level. The third one is to check their English language proficiency. Through out the interview the medium of language they use will be English. In addition to that they conduct a written test in which the weak ones fail. The interviewers ask them politely to appear later. In other words the candidate loses the job.   All his knowledge and experience become a waste without a communication skill. He finds himself  like a good product with a bad package.

We, at Temz , set their English. Teach them the basics of English with essential grammar, coach them how to write and speak English with fluency. We also conduct mock job interviews, give training for public speaking.

In addition to this we teach IPA ( International Phonetic Alphabet). It is yet another attraction of our coaching that our candidates unlearn the wrong pronunciation and  relearn the exact one as it is written in the dictionary as to speak English with an international standard.

 Adults from all walks of life also approach us to better their English.

The class is for 30 days and it is one hour a day.

What we do:

  • Overview of the Spoken English class for Adults
  • Importance of English speaking skills for personal and professional growth
  • Introduction to the program for beginners looking to improve their speaking proficiency

Course Overview:

    • Detailed description of the English speaking course for beginners
    • Focus on improving pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills
    • Interactive learning activities to enhance fluency and confidence in spoken English

Benefits of the Program:

      • Emphasize the advantages of mastering spoken English in various aspects of life
      • Boost in career opportunities, social interactions, and personal development
      • Increased confidence in communicating effectively in English-speaking environments

Course Structure:

  • Breakdown of the curriculum, modules, and learning objectives
  • Speaking exercises, role-plays, discussions, and group activities
  • Progressive levels to accommodate different proficiency levels of learners

Teaching Approach:

    • Overview of the teaching methodology emphasizing practical, real-world scenarios
    • Interactive learning environment to encourage active participation and engagement
    • Personalized feedback and guidance to address individual learning needs

Class Schedules:

      • Information on class timings, duration, and frequency of sessions
      • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate working professionals and busy individuals
      • Availability of weekday, weekend, and evening classes for convenience