Grammar for School Students

Grammar  for School Students

Online English Grammar for School Students 

 The parents are deeply worried to observe that their children use English without any essential grammar when they speak or write. They wonder how it could happen even after studying in English medium schools for long years. The teachers are so liberal when they join the school in the KG level, whereas they become strict in speaking English in the class room and in the school campus later. They speak whatever comes to their tongue, in fear of fine and punishment, ignoring grammar. No one corrects them over the years. Yet another reason may be that the teachers teach English grammar in a scattered way without giving them a comprehensive idea of it. One can easily check this with a student of tenth standard, asking him,  which the verb in a sentence is. Be sure Ninety percent of them will not give the correct answer. They reproduce what they hear from others without looking into its correctness. When someone asks them to repeat what they say they waver thinking what they say is right or wrong. This is how one loses his confidence. If one doesn’t have confidence he or she will be a failure in all his endeavours. Confidence is all. The power of communication skill matters a lot to build confidence.                                                                                                      

At Temz, We take up the responsibility of making them confident by clearing their language both in writing and speaking. We enable them to write or speak English in a better way . 

In addition to this we also give them coaching to better their pronunciation in British accent by teaching them the ‘International Phonetic Alphabet’ (IPA). Upon learning this they get rid of their mother tongue influence in their pronunciation and it becomes attractive to the listeners.

 The duration of the class is one hour and it is for two days a week.  

What we do in mastering Basic English Grammar – Essential Grammar Class for Beginners.

Brief overview of the importance of basic English grammar skills

  • Introduction to the Basic English Grammar class for beginners
  • Emphasise the role of grammar in improving writing, speaking, and overall communication skills

Importance of Basic English Grammar:

    • Explanation of how proper grammar enhances clarity and precision in communication
    • Highlighting the significance of grammar in academic, professional, and personal contexts
      • Benefits of mastering basic grammar for building confidence and credibility in English language usage.

Course Overview:

      • Detailed description of the Basic English Grammar class curriculum for beginners
      • Focus on fundamental grammar concepts such as sentence structure, parts of speech, tenses, and punctuation
      • Practical exercises and examples to reinforce grammar rules and concepts.

Learning Objectives:

        • Outline the specific objectives and goals of the Basic English Grammar class
        • Improving understanding of grammar rules, usage, and application in writing and speaking
        • Enhancing proficiency in constructing grammatically correct sentences and expressing ideas effectively

Course Structure:

        • Breakdown of the course modules, topics covered, and learning outcomes
        • Progressive learning approach from basic to advanced grammar concepts
        • Interactive activities, quizzes, and assignments to practice and apply grammar rules

Teaching Methodology:

        • Overview of the teaching approach focusing on simplicity and clarity in explaining grammar concepts
        • Engaging and interactive lessons to make grammar learning enjoyable and effective
        • Personalized feedback and guidance to address individual learning needs and challenges

Class Schedule and Format:

        • Information on class timings, duration, and frequency of sessions
        • Availability of online and in-person classes for flexibility and convenience
        • Small class sizes to ensure personalized attention.